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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  April 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> and you can keep tabs on the forecast all day by viewing have a great weekend, everybody. enjoy the wedding. from cbs news, the wedding of prince william and miss catherine middleton. from london, here is katie couric. and good morning, everyone. it is 10:00 a.m. here in london. a bit chilly, a bill cloudy. but everyone is very, very excited about this day. of course, it's a lot earlier back home in the states. so if you're staying up late or getting up early, we're very happy you're with us, because, as you might have heard, there's going to be a wedding. it starts in one hour right across the street at westminster abbey. and you have the best seats in the house. well, your house, anyway. over the next five hours we'll do everything we can to make you feel like you're right there.
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we have cbs news correspondents at all key positions all over town to bring you every moment of pageantry, as prince william and kate middleton tie the knot. erica hill is "the early show" is over at buckingham palace along with rachel johnson, editor of "the lady" and royal contributor victoria arbiter. and here with me are guides for all things royal, ingrid seward, the editor of "majesty" magazine, and historian david starkey. welcome to all of you, and, david and ingrid, first to you, everyone is saying this is a new chapter for the monarchy, and everyone seems to be embracing this very modern couple. do you think that's the case? that this will put the monarchy in a great position going forward? >> yes. but the one thing we mustn't think of is kate middleton as being common. she's had just the same education as william. in fact, she is a new style of royal bride. she's a university girl, and she's clever, and she's
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confident, and at ease in her skin. unlike poor diana. who was so nervous to begin with. >> she's also ten years older than diana was. >> exactly. she's ten years older. but it's the level of education. this is the most equal royal marriage that's ever been. they're both university school graduates. >> it's kind of shocking. i think people at home, ingrid, might be surprised to hear this is the first person who graduated from a university to marry into the royal family. >> that's true. but, if you remember, in the old days, often people were educated at home by governesses. girls in this country didn't go to university. it's a fairly recent phenomenon. surprised by that. >> and there's another way that arbiter, and that is that she living with prince time before they have actually tied the knot. and, you know, that might have been scandalous back in the day. blinking an -- or batting an eyelash or blinking an eye about that.
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>> you're absolutely right. it's quite good -- yes, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. sorry go ahead. >> yes. no, it's great, actually, that they've had this experience living together. of course, back in diana's time it would have been unheard of. but now they're well aware of each other's bad habits. they're well aware of what it's like to live together. there are to be no surprises once they get back from honeymoon. i think they've set themselves in good stead. >> and what about this new generation, rachel? i mean obviously they're young, they're dynamic, they're modern. by the way, that is prime minister david cameron with his wife samantha. he told some people when he walked out into the crowd yesterday that he was 14 years old, and he actually camped out to watch charles marry diana. so now he must have to pinch himself. he's the prime minister, walking in to westminster abbey for this very regal affair.
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and he's slightly controversial, is he not, david? >> david cameron -- >> well, he -- >> go ahead. >> hold on two seconds, you guys. i'm sorry we're just getting our wires crossed a bit. i was saying to david starkey because of the austerity program he's slightly controversial. >> he is. but what caused more controversy was whether he should wear morning dress. that's what people get excited about at weddings. he's shown good manners. rachel, i was saying that this couple, william and kate, really represent a new generation, and young people in great britain must be very the royal family now looks like them. >> it is. i mean, just as david and samantha were a new generation of politicians, a new political family, a dynasty to a young family, the royal family now has a new couple to focus on. and you know, it's another rebirth for them. it's very, very exciting.
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>> meanwhile -- >> david cameron is having his second royal wedding in his lifetime. lovely for him. as it is for us. >> meanwhile, as we can see, people entering the abbey. we should mention that most of the vvip guests are entering the great west door while sort of the regular folk, if you can call them that, will be going in to the north entrance of the abbey. why is that, ingrid? great west door for the members of the royal family, the members of the diplomatic corps, and foreign dignitaries. and they've got to get everybody -- they've got to get 1,900 guests in that abbey by the time the royal party arrives. so, it's kind of good to have a two-door section. >> meanwhile they're expected up to 1 million spectators lining the route, hoping to get a glimpse of the royal couple. and that's even a larger number than showed up for diana's wedding 30 years ago.
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>> i was astonished this morning when i fought my way here from the hotel. the streets were already crowded before 7:00. people were four, five, six deep. i think it really has caught the imagination. i think it's also, this is a bit of a grim time. we've had recession. we've got declining incomes. people want a bit of fun. monarchy is brilliant, juicy, fun entertainment. so many of the people i saw and listened to were american. clearly coming back home, in a funny kind of way, of watching the royal family. that perhaps controversially you got rid of. >> there we have sir elton john, of course. there are not that many celebrities coming today. i was surprised. david beckham and his wife victoria beckham will be there. guy richie, madonna's ex-husband, also a film director. i believe kanye west was invited, at least that's what i read, because prince william liked his music, but he's not in attendance. it's not that heavy on celebrities, is it? >> i don't think they wanted a great, big celebrity wedding.
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what they really wanted was to have a wedding where they could invite their friends. obviously they've had, because of who prince william is, he has to invite other people. but they wanted their friends. and not celebrities, they don't need to show up because they're the biggest celebrities themselves. >> victoria arbiter, we were talking about david cameron and the austerity program. in some ways prince william and kate middleton have been trying to keep this fairly low-key, haven't they? they don't want to be too ostentatious and over the top. they want to be mindful of how people are struggling in their country. >> that's absolutely right. and i think it's been really interesting to see that they've been rewarding people for loyalty. or they've been rewarding people who've had quite a hard time. for example william is patron of the home his mother was patron of and they've got a girl who was formerly homeless coming along from there. they've got war veterans or people injured severely in afghanistan recently. they've got the families of a few of william's colleagues from
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sand hurst who sadly lost their lives in afghanistan. they've tried to stay in touch with the people who matter and keep everything as low key as possible. then to add touches like the british country garden theme inside the abbey, because at the end of the day this is two people that are having a personal wedding. they just happen to be sharing with 2 billion people. >> one of the other things that's gotten a lot of attention in terms not trying to be too ostentatious, especially in this time, dealing with the economy much like it is in the states here is their decision not to ask for wedding gifts and instead they've asked people to make donations to a number of charities which they have set aside. and that's another way that they're doing their part, in their eyes, to step back a bit and say, you know, we don't need anything. what you should do instead, if you would like to do something for us, please do something for others. >> and we've been looking at shots of the guests. we just saw john major again and david beckham in the crowd. he cleans up rather well, i
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might add. brother, who many across miller, our jersey shore who have come all the way to london for this -- for the festivities. is that right, michelle? >> michelle? michelle miller can you hear me? >> we're at the duke of york steps, the entry point of the mall. the mall is that grand boulevard that was created at the 20th century. created for to be that point of ceremonial, the ceremonial route
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here. there are tens of thousands of people here. watching buses and cars and police vans. at least one rolls-royce here. but they're waiting for that moment when the prince william, the newly named duke of cambridge, will pass by. it will happen at any moment. a united nations here, really, of people from as far away as australia and the philippines. of course, america. and one of those people is erin from the jersey shore. you came here. you interrupted your backpacking tour. >> yep. >> was it worth it? >> worth it. it's been a blast. been here since 5:30 this morning. been staking out with my friend brooke from jersey also. >> duke of cambridge. was there any disappointment? >> well, i read yesterday that they might be that but i was wondering why she wasn't going to be a princess. >> the duchess of cambridge. no princess here. not yet, anyway. so the prince should be passing by with prince harry, his best man, it is going to be a
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cheering section here, because any time anybody passes by here people go absolutely crazy. a lot of excitement here, katie. if you can't see it now, i tell you, it will be something in just a few minutes. >> well, tell everyone i said hi, michelle. definitely wall to wall. i'm wondering where snooki is if all those folks from the jersey shore came over. michelle, thank you very much. and this girl raises a good question. i know that kate middleton's title will be the duchess of cambridge. why don't they call her princess? >> she will be. >> she'll be both. >> she'll be both. another title the duchess of cambridge? >> and she's a royal highness. so she will be her royal highness the duchess of cambridge. >> meanwhile we're waiting, obviously, for prince william to leave clarence house. we'll be coming over in a car along with prince harry, who is his best man.
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>> the brothers have a great bond. and i think they'll be cracking a few jokes as they leave clarence house on their way to the abbey. prince william has been made colonel of the irish guard, and he'll be wearing the uniform of the irish guard. so when we see him we'll see him in this country dashing red uniform. and harry is -- is in the blues royals and he'll be wearing the ceremonial uniform for that. >> what's really interesting is everybody now is traveling by car. in a moment, once they've got married they'll turn into fairy tale prince and princess and they'll get into a horses and carriages. so everybody comes in the 21st century. i understand that the car kate middleton and her father michael middleton will be taking same car that charles and camilla were in when they were an
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december. motorcade and this is prince william? man. >> look. you can see the coronet. that's the open coronet at the top of the car. >> and you can see the red uniform that you just described of prince harry, his best man course the crowds will go wild about harry and william as they pass by. >> so i think that the most -- >> we're not too far away. >> the best affectionate royal brothers ever. >> i can tell you, katie, if you can hear me it's erica, we're not too far away from clarence house. as soon as we saw that car move on our screen here you could hear the cheers all the way down here at buckingham palace. that is how loud the people are down there on the mall, on the streets, that is how excited they are to see these princes, and now get going. and it really feels like the wedding is starting, i think, for a lot of people now.
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>> that's right. they're riding in a bentley. victoria, you and i were talking yesterday about the fact that he has so many military titles. many americans, because they're usually associated with one service. but, because he'll ultimately be commander in chief, if you will, of all the armed forces of great britain, he has -- he represents many services. can you explain that? >> yes, you're absolutely right. it is unusual to be able to serve in so many branches of the military. but one day william will be the sovereign head of the armed services. so back in 2008 he got to spend some time with the royal navy, as ingrid mentioned earlier he is an officer within the household ravelry and he's currently serving with the raf. more than anything it's an opportunity for him to learn what all branches of the armed forces do. and the reason he's wearing this uniform today is it's the most senior of his honorary roles. again, ingrid mentioned that he's been made a colonel of the irish guard.
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the red is very dashing, but when he comes back from honeymoon, he'll continue with the raf. >> and the order of the garter, david, comes actually from a garter? >> literally from a garter. it was edward iii mistress dropped her garter, and he said -- >> and as he approaches westminster abbey, i'm not sure can hear, but in massive cheering, as he approaches the abbey. >> it will be a few minutes before he's here. >> he's coming under the arch. >> he's coming down whitehall. >> mark phillips is down by the abbey. mark, can you describe the atmosphere there for us. >> whitehall, come through
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parliament square to get here. he'll be here in about a minute. mark phillips? mark phillips can you hear us, mark? >> the bells have just started -- >> probably -- >> prince william and prince harry. >> the festivities here. the people have been waiting here for a couple of days camping out on the sidewalk, in front of the abbey. this isn't the best seat in the house. it's not in the house, but it's the next best thing. and within a very few seconds now, we're going to see the groom and his best man, the two royal princes, rolling up here. and this is really signifies the beginning of this festivity. until now we've had the minor guests arriving, who we've been talking about, the friends of the family, the distant
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relations. the people associated with the various charities and what have you. we've had major guests arriving at the front of the diplomatic great west door of the abbey and now the royal party. the wedding party will begin to arrive. and just over the top of my head, it will be within a very few seconds from now, that they come up. the car is just coming down whitehall, passing in front of the prime minister's office at 10 downing street. it will come through parliament square, which you're seeing there, right in front of the palace of westminster where parliament meets here. one more turn from there and they'll be approaching the abbey, which will really signify the beginning of this party. the crowd is already cheering. i can just see them approaching from a position here now. the flags will be waved. perhaps 3,000 or 4,000 people who, as they say, have been camped out here in front of the abbey, some of them for a couple of days. they've been waiting for a lot
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of moments. this is definitely the first big moment that they've been waiting for. the actual arrival of the very popular prince william and his equally popular, i must say, brother and best man today, prince harry. the car now just turning -- turn this way, perhaps you can see it. >> yes, we can see it. >> they'll be parking right in front of the great front door of the abbey. and this will be the first glimpse of a few of the prominent people, of course, in the wedding party. prince william and prince harry. and here they come now. a big cheer going up from the crowd. flags being waved. a lot of pictures being taken. salutes, of course, being given. prince william wearing the red tunic uniform. as the honorary colonel in chief of the irish guard, the regiment. harry, his best man, wearing his ceremonial army uniform. this is the kind of flash that
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people say the british do best, and you're seeing it in action here. this is exactly what everybody has come out here to see, katie. >> and prince william is, in fact, very popular in this country. why do you think he sort of captures the people's imagination? >> he is diana's son, above all. he is the embodiment of diana. elegance. and everybody loves harry, because he also is actually a very sensitive guy. but he's fun. and he's naughty. diana, david, used to say that harry would make a better king. i think she was worried that william was such a sensitive young man. >> i think that's right. but william is also very like his father. he's got his father's sense of duty, of obligation.
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and i think about william, it's the way he brought together the inheritance of diana and of charles. he gets along well with his father and at ease with his stepmother. in a sense, it's a new, happy royal family. >> meanwhile there's prince harry who will be delivering a speech honoring his brother at the reception today. we should mention there's a luncheon at buckingham palace. not a formal luncheon, and then a sort of a much smaller more intimate going to be dancing, and really a much more youthful atmosphere. >> yes. the reason that there will be the -- >> apparently kate middleton's sister wanted a disco ball in the ball room and i'm not sure if, in fact, she won that battle or not. >> the queen might have had her
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due. >> apparently prince william really enjoys hip-hop music, as well. >> he'll be walking up there now with a former private secretary. he's greeted. >> as you can see, there normally are not trees in westminster abbey abbey but this is part of the effort to transform it and make it look like a country garden. apparently kate middleton is quite interested in flowers. victoria arbiter, i'm not sure if you can hear me, but she wanted to make great use of flowers in britain, and she got them from some royal locations. to give this a certain feel inside the abbey. >> katie, i know you're talking to me but the cheering is so loud, we've got the band out here outside buckingham palace. i'm not entirely sure what you just asked me, but we're going to go with flowers.
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the abbey, of course, is looking beautiful. we saw william walking down the tree-lined avenue there at the abbey. everything has been designed with kate's interests in mind and i think they've done a beautiful job. >> -- after the service. >> and i think probably people in this country are so grateful to see william and harry together on a happy occasion. because that indelible image of them following their mother's cortege, the funeral cortege back in august of 1997. so many people remember them as
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15 and 14, and to see them grow up, and be such sort of strong, confident young men. i think everybody watched them grow up, and worried about them, quite frankly. >> i think it's astonishing, actually, just how well they've turned out. but i think it's also a testimony to the fact they had a very good mother, diana, but also a very good father. they could be themselves. any royal prince -- be allowed to do their own thing, find the people that they want -- >> and ingrid, as people pointed out, they loved their mother very much, and have an extremely close relationship with their father and their stepmother. >> well, camilla's been very gentle with them. she never pushed herself on them. they really respect her. and i think what they love most
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of all is that she's made their father happy. and it's their dad and they -- makes their life easier. but all people like that. >> now, victoria arbiter i'm going to try again, i know it's extremely noisy and the crowd is quite loud where you are. that is the father of dodi fayed. that is mohammed fayed, of course. his son dodi was with princess diana when she was killed. he was with her. he died in the crash. that day as well. that is pretty shocking. carole middleton is getting into the car. and of course she's coming from the goring hotel, as well. well, that is a surprise mohammed fayed. now, some of --
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>> astonishing. >> some of you all will be taking a break. for local scombr good morning --. good morning. maybe add a little extra layer. a cooler start this morning but temperatures not too bad by about 1:00. we're going to be dry all day today. we do have a look at live doppler 9000 hd. and you can see we're not looking at any rain here in the area. so much different picture compared to just yesterday morning. we are, though, dealing with some flood warnings in parts of maryland and north and west of dc. not a whole lot. but there is through the afternoon because all of the heavy rains and downpours we saw from the storm.
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where it's clear sky as you're waking up on this friday morning, 57 degrees right now in downtown. 48 degrees in gaithersburg. mid 50s for frederick. culpeper good morning to you at 48 degrees. winchester 57 degrees. so not a bad start to the day. here is a look at the satellite and radar picture combined. all of the storminess is off on the coast and added here. we're going to set up for a nice seasonable day and then we're really going to warm things up a little more into the weekend. we'll talk about your seven day forecast but here is angie with traffic. good morning. right now we want to take a look at your roadways. really not too much going on. very nice and quiet across the viewing area as we take a look at 95 headed northbound. we are slowing down a bit around 123, but you are clear approaching the mixing bowl. 270 no issues down to the split. and it looks like the beltway in maryland everything all right open for you as you make your
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way through route one college park over to 270. now over to anny hong. all right. hearsay look at your seven-day forecast. it will be a little breezy but not too bad. highs will be around 69, 70-degree. saturdays 70, partly cloudy. sunday a little warmer at 75 degrees. and then sunday night i think we have a slight chance for some showers and clouds increase monday. looking at a system that can bring us showers, rain and thunderstorms. highs will be in the lower 70s. but, boy, do we cool things down by tuesday and wednesday. wednesday only in the mid 50s. back to the royal wedding.
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>> this is cbs news coverage of the royal wedding. good morning, everyone. very early morning for most of you in the states. but it is 10:30 here in london. the groom has arrived along with the best man and the bride is on her way. the wedding of prince william and kate middleton is now just a half hour away. ingrid seward and david starkey. now we're talking about the people on those buses that are approaching westminster abbey. >> they are her majesty's, royal highnesses, sovereign princes. in the 20th century they travel by bus. we're not sure if they actually have to pay for tickets if they got on board. >> they have to make their contribution, though. >> let's go to ben tracy, because he's with some americans at buckingham palace. hi, ben.
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>> hey, katie. thousands of people at the palace. what they're waiting for is the queen to live. some of the minor royals have already left. but folks like jody from philadelphia, what are you hoping to see? >> i'm just enjoying all my new friends here outside of buckingham palace. and i've learned how to speak english very well. it's bloody brilliant. >> why did you pick this spot? what are you hoping to see today? >> that was actually just dumb luck. >> you got a pretty good spot. the queen's going to take off from her house otherwise known as the palace in about 10 minutes or so. you should see her go by right here. >> terrific. thank you for having me. >> we also have beth from new york. beth came all the way here just for this. what is it like to actually be in london for this event? >> i've never known anything so exciting. i mean, i was excited before i even left to come here and it's just been brilliant. >> the brits here find it funny that we americans are so
5:32 am
enthralled in this. what are you thinking? why are we so excited? >> i don't know. i mean i love weddings. but this is very exciting. >> it is pretty amazing. so katie in ju about five minutes the queen should be leaving her house. she'll come right by here and this crowd is going to go crazy. they've been cheering the street sweepers. i can only imagine what they'll do when the queen comes by. >> all right, ben, thank you very much. we'll tell you that that is kate middleton's mother carole middleton, along with her brother, james middleton. wearing catherine walker who is a favorite designer of kate's. >> and diana. >> she was a very favorite designer of diana's. sadly it's said now that carole middleton looks amazing. absolutely amazing. so elegant. just as the moerp of the bride should look. >> is it true, is it true that there's been a bit of tension between prince charles, camilla
5:33 am
and the middletons? i read one article it described their relationship almost like it was something out of meet the fokkers, a little bit of tension, a little bit of discomfort. the sense that the middletons were somehow social climbers. has that dissipated as time has gone on? >> i think camilla was rather dreading meeting the middletons. but once she met them she found them very charming, and i think she especially likes mike middleton, who is quieter than his wife. carole middleton, who i know has got a great personality, i think charles and camilla have to have a good relationship with them. like it or not. >> let's go to michelle miller -- actually, look at this picture for a few more minutes. tell us a little bit more about james middleton, david. >> he is her brother. he's well educated. he's extremely well educated. he is charming.
5:34 am
a sense again of a family wedding. >> meanwhile, there's kind of a black sheep of the family, the middleton family, who will be in attendance, as well. ingrid tell us about him. >> well, this is carole's brother, uncle gary, who is actually found stealing drugs. he is really the black sheep of the family. but he's made a great deal of money, and he's actually got rather a lot of tattoos on him. so i'm sure carole has told him to button up very tightly today, as yet we haven't seen him. but i'm sure he's there. >> he'll be buttoned up. meanwhile let's go back to michelle miller because she is also with some people who have come here and have lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom. michelle? >> and to tell you, behind me,
5:35 am
beautiful couples out here. when prince william and prince harry drove by -- tipty toes and you jumped on the back of your boyfriend. >> shoulders, not back. >> i tell you, you're from norich, england. how exciting is it to be here? >> this morning -- >> what is the high point for you today? >> the royal family. >> or the bride and groom? >> well, the royal family. not every day you get to see the royal family. >> well i think i've gotten you beat. i've actually been this close to prince harry this week alone. so, this is just, you know, icing on the cake. thank you so much. warren and hannah from norwich england among tens of thousands out here. it is unbelievably crowded, and katie, i'm sure you see a taste
5:36 am
it, as well. >> all right, michelle. thank you very much. they're actually watching some of the cars approach. and i believe that was prince andrew, with princesses eugenie and beatrice. and we should mention that someone who will be noticeably absent, of course, is sarah ferguson. she was not invited to the royal wedding. >> despite the fact that she was very, very great to diana and knew william and harry as they were growing up, she was not invited. she is divorced from the duke of york, so there's no reason to invite her. >> she is the black sheep of the royal family. >> i guess everyone has a black sheep. >> and i think -- >> but she has been a massive disappointment to the queen, and of course, she was caught trying to sell access to prince andrew, and was really controversial before that.
5:37 am
>> i think her behavior as a wife is so embarrassing, she's just an embarrassment, the last thing you want at the wedding is an embarrassment. >> that's the duke and duchess of kent. the duke and duchess of kent, wearing pink with the duke of kent, and behind them i think is the earl of ulster. >> hats seem to be the order of the day, do they not? >> you see again -- >> charles and camilla are reportedly on their way, as now, there are bridesmaid and page boys. we should explain because in the united states a bridesmaid would be a grown woman and it would be
5:38 am
but here the bridesmaids are all how are they selected, ingrid? >> they were selected by being godchildren of prince great, great friends. and there are some royal bridesmaids amongst them. >> but the royal family, what's striking about them, just how close-knit the royal family are. one of them is the son of the prime secretary. as you can see, the cars, you've got the royal family. >> camilla. >> camilla and charles. >> the duke and duchess of cornwall are arriving to westminster abbey. >> there's prince charles wearing his number one ceremonial uniform. he is -- he holds the rank of admiral in the royal navy since 2006.
5:39 am
camilla, we haven't seen what she's wearing yet. but it will be something very elegant, i think. >> and of course everyone is wondering what the dress will look like. as we see prince charles and camilla, david emanuel designed princess diana's wedding dress 30 years ago. david, do you have any idea what kate middleton will be wearing today? the bride, kate middleton? >> they keep on saying the queen, don't they? you've got to wait for a good bride these days, katie. >> and david, how nerve-racking is this for the designer of the wedding dress? >> nerve-racking? >> yes. >> i should imagine she's quietly having kittens somewhere. no, if it's anything like it was diana, she'll probably be, if it
5:40 am
is her, she'll probably be at the abbey waiting for her, and possibly to arrange her before she doctors down the aisle. yeah, very exciting. very emotional. but full of happiness. i mean the pictures we've seen of katherine looking just fabulous. i'm sure she'll be excited. i'm sure the bride is. >> now the money is on a designer named sarah burton. she's designer for alexander mcqueen. she's 36 years old. she was born in manchester. camilla's daughter-in-law, sarah parker bowles, apparently wore her dress when she was married. and she replaced alexander mcqueen after he committed suicide in february, 2010. i give this as background only because we're going to see kate for a nano second as she enters westminster abbey and we're going to try to keep our chattering to a minimum once the service starts.
5:41 am
if it's another designer i'm in a little bit of trouble. >> wow. that's an interesting hat. whoo! that's different. >> princess eugenie is wearing an interesting outfit in blue. vivien westwood. a very gool designer here. and beatrice looks very pretty. >> i love that hat. >> amazing. >> i think that is a really cool hat. >> now apparently they are very, very close to prince william and all these young royals do hang out. i understand they're called the glosse posse. is that true? >> yes all kind of grew up together, although they're different ages. they holiday together in the past. but they are friends. my goodness, it is an interesting hat, isn't it? >> they like to have fun, i understand.
5:42 am
>> and here's the queen. >> you can see the queen, queen elizabeth in yellow along with prince philip. >> oh, dear she's wearing yellow again. >> does she like wearing yellow? >> it could be lime green, you know. >> oh, dear. >> she just celebrated her 85th birthday, correct? >> last week. >> i think it is yellow. looks yellow. >> it's daffodil yellow as david emanuel just pointed out. >> is that appropriate? >> exactly. because the daffodil is the flower of wales, correct? >> it's just lovely to see the crowds going this wild around. the queen is kicking off such a spectacular year for the family.
5:43 am
>> i wonder, she always has a color that stands out. not too much, not too little. just very appropriate. >> ah, the bridesmaid. >> finally. >> here we go the bridesmaid are approaching. and you know, of course, many people remember those adorable pictures of prince william when he was a pageboy for sarah ferguson and prince andrew, and how fidgety he was. >> badly behaved. >> very badly behaved. i'm sure these youngsters will be a little better behaved. >> william's outfit was very hot and itchy, and heat. >> he was doing all sorts of naughty things, wasn't he, ingrid? >> yes. he was sticking his tongue out. rolling up the ram. trying to disturb the little bridesmaids next to him. >> there we have charles and the
5:44 am
duchess of cornwall and prince charles. has he been more accepted, david, into the hearts and minds of the people in this country? because for awhile she was quite unpopular. >> oh, she was hated. i mean, she was the woman who pushed out diana. i think the british people are very forgiving and very tolerant. and more and more of them, since the separation, the royal family started to look like us. and as i think again, you were making the point about she's been a good mother. and a very good wife to charles. and people like to see a happy couple. >> and it's a blended family, as you mentioned. william and harry are quite friendly and close to camilla parker's -- to camilla -- >> yes. >> camilla parker bowles'
5:45 am
children. >> her children, yes. so it's siblings and half siblings. >> sort of the british version of the grimm bunch. >> that's right. rather better behaved and a bit more polite. a bit more class, i think. >> mark phillips, i know you were having some difficulty hearing me before, mark. but can you hear me now? that's a wonderful shot, isn't it, mark? can you hear me? >> back at the abbey here, of course the royal family has been arriving. but still the last of the royals to arrive, always the last, is the queen. on her way here now. coming through horse garden parade. there's the parade grounds, about a minute or so's drive from here, she'll come through there, on to whitehall, past parliament again, as they all have, and pull up in front of the abbey, going through the arched horse guard's parade now and on to whitehall.
5:46 am
i must say that the sense of excitement in the crowd here has risen with each arrival. particularly when katie's mother, carole middleton arrived, a large cheer went up from the crowd here. of course, when prince andrew and the princesses arrived, again cheers as the bells keep on ringing here. it's quite a party. when charles, prince charles and camilla arrived, the biggest cheer of the day so far for them. but i think we can anticipate that when the queen arrives, which it should be within about 30 or 45 seconds from now, that the largest cheer of the day, perhaps will be here when kate middleton, who will still be kate middleton at that moment, arrives here. but we're very close to the moment now, where the official part of this ceremony starts to begin, when the sovereign is here, this marriage, of course, being a very important one in british constitutional terms, as
5:47 am
well, because it is the marriage of a future king. the second in line to the throne. when the queen gets there, which i say will be just a few seconds, we'll really be under way. katie? >> all right, mark phillips, thank you so much. and the moment has just about arrived. oh, there's some more bridesmaids i believe approaching. lots of children who are participating. there are four bridesmaids, and two pageboys. they're 7 and 10. many of them good friends or of william, who is the godfather, i know, of at least one. >> william is the godfather of tom petty ford. people might remember katie legge-burke, and his young secretary is another one of the pages.
5:48 am
>> and also, parker bowles. >> oh, look at that. they are wonderful. >> oh, yes. they're all in military uniform, too. the pageboys dressed like the groom. they'll all match. >> that's very english, to have the pages in military uniform. >> and there you can see in the yellow suit and hat queen elizabeth and prince philip approaching westminster abbey. and let's just watch and soak in the atmosphere as the queen gets out of her car and walks inside.
5:49 am
>> obviously very good for your health. >> before the service starts, david and ingrid, we should mention the configuration of the church. because it's very interesting. 1,900 people are in attendance. but, most of the ceremony will take place in the sanctuary, and most of the people in the church won't be able to see it.
5:50 am
they're going to see a screen, a television screen of the ceremony for the majority of those in attendance. >> the nave, where we saw the queen, and for the general public, and then you go to this huge stone structure at the great wrought iron gate and you're into the place where the coronation happens. so william is actually going to be married where he and his father will be crowned. and you can see this wonderful mosaic pavement of the 14th century, late 13th, early 14th century, normally never seen, kept under carpet. but he will stand on this precious, wonderful surface, where he will be crowned and there he'll be married. and catherine will be found, too. >> and 17 monarchs are buried here? >> all the great medieval monarchs are here. and in the middle, the place where they will sign the
5:51 am
reggestry, it's the edward shrine. he's the man who built the abbey, before the norman conquest. but this is the great shrine for edward of the coronation church. it's a national shrine. >> geoffrey chaucer buried here, as well. charles dickens. >> t.s. eliot. >> now this is the car, the rolls-royce that's waiting for catherine middleton at the gorigore ing hotel. this, again, let's watch and see her show up. >> they're going crazy down at buckingham palace.
5:52 am
>> katie if you can hear us david emanuel weighing in noting the similarities to princess grace. >> i would say, yes. the scalloped lace over the fitted bought us. very princess grace. >> and a tiny bouquet. >> very manageable. >> it doesn't take over the dress, then. >> and a full veil we noticed. >> i was just going to say is she wearing a tiara. >> there did appear to be a very substantial train. the dress you designed for diana had a 25 foot train. >> i don't think it's going to be 25 foot. >> do you have a guess? maybe 12? >> i was going to say, let's go halfway. >> we'll meet you in the middle. >> halfway. >> and erica -- erica, has -- erica, it's katie. >> yes, i got you, katie. >> -- david, gown designed by sarah burton or is it too early to say?
5:53 am
>> do you think it is, in fact, sarah burton, david? >> it could well be. we'll have to wait to see. i need to see that skirt. there's definitely a train. there's definitely a train. i think it looks lovely so far. >> what would be some hall marks of a sarah burton design? >> she usually has some ornamentation on the skirt. it will be ruched or tied or bowed or something, some skirt detail. but as far as i could see from the top, katie, it's quite clean. it looks like a boned bodice and obviously the scalloped lace is just heavenly. >> david was saying how reminiscent the gown is of grace kelly, in terms of the lace, and the scalloped lace, and the design of it. >> what she had, from what i can remember, she had very long, tight lace sleeves, and this -- you can see the tiara. >> yes. >> she's wearing a tiara.
5:54 am
but, we don't know which one yet. >> very fine lace. >> there is much speculation about her hair. it doesn't appear to be all up. it may be sort of half up. looks like there's a little bit down the back there in that beautiful, long veil. >> smiling and waving. which is lovely to see. >> and, again, i mean, prince william -- >> it's lovely to see her having a good time, enjoying every moment. >> oh, the veil is stunning. >> yes, the veil is pretty. >> did diana ever tell you what it was like, david, for her to be riding through the streets to realize all these people were not just lining the streets, but watching her on television? >> she was terribly excited. as you can see kate, which is lovely to see, smiling, happy bride. how fabulous. >> and with a capitol hill help, you guys, erica with a little
5:55 am
help, apparently, she's wearing the queen mother's jewels, it's never been worn by the queen but considered youthful and light. apparently she had a lot of tiaras to choose from, didn't she? >> the queen has an enormous collection of tiaras. many of them unseen. so kate probably would have been allowed to go through them and pick out something that she really liked. what fun to go through the chest of tiaras. >> and here she comes, ingrid. kate is now coming through the circle just in front of buckingham palace here. i'm sure that you can hear it. even through our microphones in this booth, the crowd is just erupting. they are elated. this is the moment they have been waiting for. and david, the look on his face is fantastic, as well. >> i'm amazed. i just love looking, we do this the best in the world. the pomp and circumstance. she looks glowing, just elegant and happy.
5:56 am
and they're cute as buttons, aren't they, the little ones? very exciting. >> they look almost like victorian. the little flowers in the hair. the big bows and sashes. >> oh, stunning. >> now we've got a bit of glamour here with pippa. >> pippa looks very regal. >> very slim. very hollywood. >> this is the most gorgeous family. the middleton family. they really are stunning. >> very slim sheath, almost like a hollywood kick. >> a lovely formation coming in, as well. it's very understated, but so elegant. >> we were talking about the dress, does appear it was in fact sarah burton next to kate middleton, we're being told, getting into the car at the goring. >> ah. okay. >> meanwhile, kate middleton's car is about to pass by where michelle miller is with some people in the crowd. michelle. are they going crazy? with anticipation? >> here it comes.
5:57 am
it's like a wave. and you hear it. and it gets louder. and the flags start waving and the cameras come up. and she is just about here. they are about to see her pass. the police motorcade, and there she is. it's so great. so great. a moment of passing by. and there it is. and with me now, emily and katherine. you have been here before, 30 years ago, katherine was in princess diana's wedding. now she's brought her daughter, her teenage daughter emily, to see this. what is this? a generational milestone, rite of passage? >> and now my daughter has. >> did you see her? i know you were facing me? did you turn around quickly?
5:58 am
>> i saw her. >> was it worth it? >> yes. >> all the waiting. >> yes. >> was she beautiful? >> very beautiful. >> she was clear as day and it was amazing to see. she looks so happy. not much -- not many people out here can see it. it is like that, katie. and what's wonderful, you get the front row seat. >> sarah burton, the designer for alexander mcqueen is, in fact, helping kate middleton to get into the car. we can confirm that, and in the front seat with the hat is her personal bodyguard. >> that's correct, yes. >> you can only imagine the nerves she's experienced. she was able to maintain, at
5:59 am
least outwardly -- >> she's so cool, calm and collected. >> she's a natural. remember, she grew up -- she's clever, elegant, and whey i love, too is this wonderful car, specially made so that you can see, the great glass roof. just look at her. magnificent. the car looks a bit like the queen, i think. >> unbelievably sophisticated and poised, isn't she? >> yes, remember this. she's 29 years old and she's been with her future husband for nine years. so, i think that it's something poor diana never had. she hardly knew her husband. >> that's right. meanwhile, as you said, she was nicknamed waity katie, which might have been somewhat embarrassing for


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